Enhanced Interface

Syntax Colorization, Line Numbering, Alignment Guides, and More!

Extended Numeric Precision

38 decimal digits of precision, plus native support for scientific notation.

Anti-Aliased Draw Graphics

New  support for antialiased draw graphics and rectangle/polygon buttons.

Expanded Shell Support

A new unixTask function with 'do script' and 'evaluate expression' callbacks.

With dozens of new features and language additions, SuperCard 4.8 makes designing, building, and scripting your projects faster and easier than ever. New controls include the Combo Box and Search Field, and Multi-Column List Fields with cell hiliting, capable of displaying up to 32,000 lines with little to no effect on performance. Language additions include vastly improved support for executing shell and AppleScripts, new date/time utilities, and a host of added functions and commands make tackling both complicated and mundane tasks more streamlined than ever.