Reporting a Bug

Please note that Bug Reports are NOT checked daily. If you are seeking Technical Support  please click here

Also, for us to verify your issue it is important that you be as specific as possible in your description and include a recipe (steps required) for us to reproduce the issue.

Any additional information you can include such as the type of issue (error, cosmetic, crash) would be extremely helpful, and in the case of a crash, enclosing a copy of the crash log as well.

The reproducibility of the issue (consistent, difficult, once in a blue moon) would also be helpful.

Required Information

Please include the following information with your report…

1.) Your Name
2.) Version of SuperCard
3.) Version of MacOS
4.) Description of the Issue
5.) Recipe to Reproduce the Issue
6.) Any Screen Shots that may Help

Please Click Here to email the above information to us.