Spotlight Searchable

SuperCard now supports OS X’s Spotlight indexing and search mechanism. By default, Spotlight indexes content in both the project’s scripts and text fields. Existing projects, once opened with SuperCard 4.7, will also be indexed automatically.

Projects found by a Spotlight search, when opened from the Spotlight menu or window, will receive a spotlightRequest message including the characters entered for the search.

Two new project-level properties, dontIndexFields and dontIndexScripts, have been added to allow you to control what is indexed for specific projects.


SuperCard 4.7 - Over 60

 Quick Look and Cover Flow


SuperCard projects can now be previewed with Apple's Quick Look and Cover Flow technology. By default these previews are of the first card of the first window of a project. Creating a User Property of the project named previewCard allows any card in any window to be specified, or no card at all.

 Spelling and Grammar Checking

The spellCheck function now lets you use Apple’s multi-lingual spelling and grammar checking functions from SuperTalk.


 82 Language Additions


Over 80 language additions include new messages, constants, properties, as well as support for spelling and grammar, Spotlight and Quick Look.

There are also keywords for timed alerts, unmodifiable fields with selectable text, playing movies in the background, and much more.

 Dozens of User Interface Enhancements

Using SuperCard is now even more refined. Dozens of new behaviors include:

User Shared Script
Allows each user to define handlers available to all projects, as well as a Startup handler which is run when SuperCard is launched. This script can be toggled on or off and edited from the User tab in SuperCard preferences.

Script Hierarchy Contextual Menu Item
The new ScriptHierarchy function makes it possible to instantly access any handler or function in the message hierarchy. Selecting any object reference from this menu will open the object’s script. If a script exists for any of the referenced objects, all handlers and functions will be presented below each object in alphabetical order; handlers first, followed by functions in italics. Selecting a handler or function name will open the script, positioning the cursor at the start of the handler/function name.

Dressed Font Menus
Font, size, and style menus now reflect properties in text field selections.

Expanded Drag and Drop Support
You can now drag and drop files directly into scripts and user properties. A variety of optional modifier keys make it easy to import exactly the information you require including file contents and path names.

Text fields by default now automagically support the a number of new transcoding operations for files imported via drag and drop.

Font and Style Override
Both SuperCard and SuperEdit script editors now feature a persistent global text override for font, size, and tab indent settings. Setting the Global Text Attributes in the Script Font window will display all scripts with the settings of your choice.

Squintproof Object Descriptors
Right-clicking the object descriptor at the bottom of the script editor allows you to assign a different text size, as well as an item to copy the descriptor to the clipboard, or toggle the display from long name to long ID.

Saved Locations of Windows
The size and location of the script editor window is now persistent across SuperCard sessions.

New Message Box Behavior
It is no longer necessary to modify the textArrows property to have “textArrows=true” behavior when the cursor is active in the message box. This is now handled automatically.

Expanded Do Command
The limit has been expanded from 255 characters to up to 1024 tokens, making it almost impossible for you to run out of room when constructing expressions.

Automatic Window Tiling
SuperEdit’s Windows menu allows for automatic resizing and tiling of all open SuperEdit windows.

Auto Timeout of Alert Windows
Alert windows now offer the option of an auto-timeout feature which will automatically dismiss them after a pre-determined amount of time.

Alert Window Icons
The Alert window now fully supports the caution, note, and stop icons.

Additional Text Transcoding
Setting and exporting the text of text fields have been expanded to support the following file types:TEXT, RTF, RTFD, utxt, utf8, word_98, word_xml, HTML, webarchive, and raw.

New Field Objects
Three new field object types have been added: text links, image links, and anchors.

Unmodifiable Fields
The cantModify property has been extended to fields. This allows the field to be opened for selection and copying of contents while still preventing it from being modified by the user.

Scrollbar Options
There are now three variants of scrollbars available for scrolling fields, small, large or none.

Text Underscoring
There are now a variety of underscore styles available for text in text fields.

Text Entry Cursor
New text entry cursor behavior when a text field is opened for editing, the text cursor is automatically hidden upon any keyboard input. Moving the mouse after the cursor has been hidden will automatically restore it to view.

List Field MouseDowns
MouseDown messages are now sent to list fields.

Scrolling Drag and Drop
The insertion point in scrolling fields for a drag and drop operation can now be moved outside the visible text region by moving the mouse at the top or bottom of the field to scroll it automatically.

Don’t Wrap
The dontWrap property of text fields has been extended to draw text graphics.

Improved Snd Resource Support
Both SuperCard and SuperEdit can import AIFF sound files to data-fork 'snd ' resources for use with the play sound command.

Improved Icon Family Support
Both SuperEdit and SuperCard now support directly importing icns files to data fork resources, and their built in icon pickers now display icns icons.

The updated icon pickers also display system icons.

Standalone Maker Improvements
It is no longer necessary to delete and re-import any resources you may have edited into your settings file. Icons and other resources you add using the Standalone Maker interface are kept on disk, and only referenced in the settings file. This means you can edit these resources at any time and simply make another build to update the standalone with the changes.

The resources tab also allows for importing folders of resources as well as individual files, and there is a new option for packaged documents that has been added to the documents section. Packaged documents are a great way to enclose multiple files such as sounds, movies, and other media in a seemingly single document.

Window Proxy and Hierarchy Popup
SuperEdit’s windows now have a combination proxy icon and object hierarchy popup in the titlebar. Dragging or Option-dragging the proxy icon to the desktop or a Finder window allows you to relocate or copy the file to that location. Right-clicking the window title pops up a menu that makes it easy to navigate to any parent window, including Finder windows.

Large Block Cursor Option
This option allows for a more visible cursor than the standard vertical line insertion point.

Double Clickable Syntax Template Elements
Syntax templates are now fully selected when double-clicked, streamlining the process of replacing them with your own values.

Non-breaking Underscores
Since underscores are valid characters in variable and user property names, double-clicking strings with underscores no longer treats them as multiple words.

Code Balanced Selection
A new "Balance Selection" (or Command-B) item has been added to the Script menu/popup that will generate a balanced selection based on the cursor position or current selection.

Enhanced User Property Editor
A new “Soft Wrap” checkbox allows you to wrap non-breaking lines in the contents field for easier editing, and both horizontal and vertical scrolling is now supported for scroll-enabled pointing devices.

New Control Styles
A new segmented button tool has been added. ach segment in the control can contain a name or icon and their currentValue property returns the number of the currently selected segment.

Both primary and secondary group controls now support optional checkbox and popup variants.

Updated Ask & Answer Windows
Updated ask, answer, and ask password windows offer a cleaner look, autosizing buttons, and a more appropriate default location given today’s higher resolution monitors.

Variable Opacity
The Opacity property of windows has been expanded to support pictureData graphics as well. When a graphic's ink property is set to alpha, the opacity can be set anywhere from 0 to 100.

Patterned Graphics
The aspect property of pictureData graphics now supports a repeat setting which will tile (or pattern) the imported image file within the graphic.

Vanish Effect
The new play vanish command invokes OS X’s magical “puff of smoke” audio/visual animation with settings to control both the size and location of the effect.

Movies in Background
Support for continued asynchronous movie playback in background windows.

Deeper Filmstrips
Filmstrip animations now support disk based files in all of the SuperCard supported image formats.

 Long File Name Support

Enough said! All aspects of SuperCard, SuperEdit, Xtend Externals, and Internals Toolbox Routines now understand and support long file names.